a precious Kiss
from your lucious lips
is more than any man could stand

a glimpse underneath
your silver skirt is a miracle

the scent of your skin your ivory skin

is the thing one would

kill a man in an instant to get close to


Over and Out.

All day long she's waiting for the night to ask her out
To be somebody's dancer, to get lost inside a crowd
There‘s no need to talk, because the music is so loud,
Till a taxi drops her back into a morning full of doubts.

You can feel like a part of something if you're part of the scene
You can make your life look pretty out a little ice and gin,
Wash off the make-up and prepare the aspirin
Well you can get out of this party dress but you can't get out of this
26.4.12 21:25


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Hellknight (11.9.13 00:32)
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