a precious Kiss
from your lucious lips
is more than any man could stand

a glimpse underneath
your silver skirt is a miracle

the scent of your skin your ivory skin

is the thing one would

kill a man in an instant to get close to


17.10.14 00:27


Over and Out.

All day long she's waiting for the night to ask her out
To be somebody's dancer, to get lost inside a crowd
There‘s no need to talk, because the music is so loud,
Till a taxi drops her back into a morning full of doubts.

You can feel like a part of something if you're part of the scene
You can make your life look pretty out a little ice and gin,
Wash off the make-up and prepare the aspirin
Well you can get out of this party dress but you can't get out of this
26.4.12 21:25

i want you to know that you've to accuse you something.
but it's ok
just go on and on till i'm not able anymore.
14.4.12 12:37

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